Studio Construction

Sound transmission loss

Sound Transmission Loss of Masonry Walls “The most common alteration made to the walls in these tests is the addition of layers of finishing materials, most frequently gypsum wallboard (sheetrock). One might imagine that the addition of extra layers of material to a wall could only improve its performance; this is not necessarily true.” ir586 […]


Floor Isolation

Floating floor over concrete “I am going to build a wooden frame and put insulation in it and plywood on top for my home studio recording room. Everyone is doing it…Isn’t this a real floating floor?” I have seen this attempt to make a floating floor before. And some have wrestled sand into the frame […]

Studio Construction

Sound Isolation Assembly

Sound Isolation Assembly Calculation of STC, MTC, OITC and Rw explained “Note: This document is an extension/adaptation of a document explaining STC and OITC It is expanded (+ additional adjustments and more in-depth comments) with the MTC and RW single number rating.” Acoustic Shaping “In the preceding sections we showed that significant forces could be […]

Studio Construction

Flanking and walls

Flanking in your walls The consequences of architectural design. What a concept! Designing for confidential privacy is the same thing as designing so your neighbor isn’t experiencing your music! Knowing where you are in speech levels gives you an idea of what you are going to have to do to get your frequency levels down […]


Doors and window framing

Doors openings and window framing Often a place of question in a home theater or recording studio is the doorways and window framed areas. It proves to be simple but requires some information from the builder to do it right the first time. This video gives a quick and easy demonstration that covers everything you […]


Build a straight wall

Construct a straight wall Building a straight wall is critical  Maybe you have never even considered this. All the different species of lumber is grown and milled so quickly in this Century that the tendency to bow, twist and warp is high. Fact is, depending on the quality of the lumber from “kind of warped” to the “super […]


Acoustic isolation / sound proofing

Soundproofing a home recording studio Soundproofing on “Holmes on Homes” This is a good example of what is called “isolation” and how to do it. Isolation is often confused with acoustical treatments. This has always been incorrect. The sponsor is Quietrock(r) so thier product is used in this video. For your home theater or studio, […]