Floor Isolation

Floating floor over concrete “I am going to build a wooden frame and put insulation in it and plywood on top for my home studio recording room. Everyone is doing it…Isn’t this a real floating floor?” I have seen this attempt to make a floating floor before. And some have wrestled sand into the frame […]


HVAC Baffles and Plenums

HVAC Recording studio air conditioning Baffle specific instruction “…you need to widen up your individual baffles to force the air to the side walls – as it is right not the air will just do a short pass around the very edge. It works So much better if you can come in (and out) through […]

Studio Construction

Sound Isolation Assembly

Sound Isolation Assembly Calculation of STC, MTC, OITC and Rw explained “Note: This document is an extension/adaptation of a document explaining STC and OITC It is expanded (+ additional adjustments and more in-depth comments) with the MTC and RW single number rating.” Acoustic Shaping “In the preceding sections we showed that significant forces could be […]

Software: Room Analyze

Room Acoustics Software

Software to measure the acoustics and make better mixing decisions: Developing an acoustically enhanced recording studio has come a long way in the past 20 years. With the introduction of room acoustics software the user now has identifiable aspects for the rooms acoustics that were never available before, short of hiring an acoustics engineer to […]

Room Acoustics

Terms of Service

Use of the Buildthisroom.com website (“the site”, “the website”) and the information contained herein constitutes full acceptance of the Terms of Service listed below.   The data, drawings, tables, and other information contained in the site have been created by Buildthisroom.com with information obtained from many sources. The owners, authors, and consultants of Buildthisroom.com (“we”) […]

Acoustic Build Books

Hans Jenny: Cymatics

Cymantics: an exploration of vibration by Hans Jenny When Hans Jenny thought of sound he wanted to see what it looked like. The following three links form the whole filmed examination that Hans Jenny performed that went into his work that produced the book “Cymantics: Bringing matter to life with sound“.   From Wikipedia: Hans […]