French Cleat

French Cleat Applications for hanging treatments

French Cleat: Hanging heavy pictures panels and objects securely.

The French cleat is a common and useful builders method for hanging items on to walls. It is more secure and level then a nail in the wall or even picture hanging devices.

As a means to hang wall panels of absorbent materials this french cleat is your ticket to a stable and level hanging panel.

A French Cleat hanging or support solution can be developed in four simple steps.

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Step One:

Select the material for the job. You can use pretty much whatever is on hand with in reason. 7 to 9 ply plywood rips can be used just as effectively as solid 1 X 4 yellow pine

I use a 30 degree or 22.5 degree depending on if I am using a table saw or my Makita circular saw, respectably. Thirty (30) degree just works better on my table saw and the 22.5 degree has a positive stop location on the Makita.

Step Two:

You establish your height on the wall and use either a 2 foot level or a torpedo level to make your mark for the french cleat wall side piece that is to be installed. Make certain that the wall side piece has the high side of the cut facing away from the wall board.


Step Three:

You have to attache the other side of the French Cleat to whatever it is you are hanging, a picture, a tapestry maybe a Helmholtz panel or a simple sidewall absorbent panel to stop early reflections. Depending on what it is you are hanging this installation may require screws or you may be able to use a few small finish nails to attache the top side of the cleat to your item.

french cleat

Step Four:

Align the upper cleat on the item to be hung with the lower/wall side cleat and place the cleats together in such a way as to ensure that the angles of the cuts align to “trap” the cleat into the wall cleat

Using a French Cleat

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