HVAC Baffles and Plenums

HVAC Recording studio air conditioning

Baffle specific instruction

“…you need to widen up your individual baffles to force the air to the side walls – as it is right not the air will just do a short pass around the very edge. It works So much better if you can come in (and out) through a side instead of the 2 ends.”

HVAC National Code Requirement
“In the normal house the fresh air comes through the small cracks that exist in walls – examples – window and doors openings – the joint at the sill of the structure – plus the opening of doors during normal use – windows being open a crack, etc.
But in these rooms none of that exists – and a person can get sick – possible even die – from lack of oxygen in a fairly short period of time.
just remember – after breathing in – what you exhale is poison to the human body”

McQuay HVAC systems
“Occupant comfort is the goal of all HVAC designers. Sound (or noise) is a key parameter in measuring comfort, in addition to temperature, humidity and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). While acoustics consultants are usually involved in critical applications (such as performing arts centers), the task of creating a comfortable acoustic environment in most other applications falls on the HVAC engineer.”

Mini-Prod Studio – Designing Phase – Ventilation question
“My recording room will be 17m². Hight will be 3.1 to 2.7m. Exactly measured that sums up to 50m³. Now my plan is to use an inline fan (d=20cm, 820³/h). Refreshrate should be 11. That means 550m³ air per hour. Because of the size of the room max. 3 people will stay in there. How do those figures come together? Will the fan be too small? I won’t have long duct runs but I’ll have a couple of silencers.”

What I have learned about HVAC
“I just wanted to share with you all my findings on HVAC. I am by no means an expert and this is just a culmination of what I have discovered in my quest to supply air to my Basement Studio. I will try to abstract what I have learned and apply it to different studio situations, but again this is just to get it all in one place and is by no means definitive.”

Recessed Lights Are Evil
“I love recessed lights, but even the best ones create a ridiculous amount of heat in attics, which can lead to ice dams. Until I started performing infrared inspections in attics, …”

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