Making Acoustic Measurements

Making Acoustic Measurements

Maybe you have heard phrases like “noise floor, critical distance, room versus time, room versus frequency or reverb time”, and wondered how they might apply to your humble home recording environment.

One thing anyone who is involved in developing audio specific rooms will tell you is this: You have to test and sometimes retest to get a better understanding of what it is that is going on in your room. Then, and only then, can you properly approach the frequency issue in question with certainty that it can be subdued.

But you have to know how to test first. The linked pages explain with some ease how to approach this task giving a better understanding of some of the confusing terms you may have heard and bring to light a better understanding of just how to go about this much needed performance. These articles are a by-product of Dave Moultons interest and on going work in the field of acoustics, brought to you by Moulton Labs

Dave said: “This article was an attempt to enable home recordists to begin to think about and approach acoustical measurements. It’s more about discovery than anything else. Enjoy!”

Acoustical Measurements For The Rest of Us