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Resilient Channel installation guide

Install RC (resilient channel NOT hat track) proper

The only reason this video made the cut is because it shows Resilient Channel installed properly.
This is one of the main reasons for this product [resilient channel] failing, improper installation.

Further discussion about walls and how the materials interact with one another, the potential for what is referred to as the drumming effect and what to expect when no insulation is installed in the cavity(no damping of the panels).

Also included is a diagram of a partially decoupled wall but backs that up with a fully decoupled wall assembly diagram. This is often the most suggested method for a high rated STC wall assembly.

It wasn’t shown, but using the example panel for the resilient channel in the video, this is the same technique used for installing a decoupled ceiling.

Difference is that you would want RC with both edges rolled and can support the much heavier loads required for a 2 sheet thick minimum overhead ceiling assembly. This is when you start getting into clips and hat track to be more effective

For the history on RC / resilient channel, the development and testing and the confusion, please click this link: Resilient Channel Update (December ’02) from

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