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Smallroom Acoustics Where Do I Begin

Do you start with Books on Acoustics For Architects and Engineers?

In a small room in Midtown, Somewhere, International there is a pair of ears that hears music in his or her room…and is not happy with the sound. It’s not the playing ability, the 10000 hours have been put in. You are a competent musician and sought out by friends and family for your playing and singing and as often, your song writing ability. The room, the room doesn’t know how to give back the music that your hands develop on your musical instrument of choice.

What do you do?

You could read up on Acoustical Treatment Design and Installation.

You need to tune that room up first! Tuning a room comes with many choices, many areas of the construction / residential building trade to be developed on your part or paid for if need be. It isn’t to be jumped into like a cool lake in the Summer. It is more like an ice covered pond in the depth of Winter. Daring those that choose to view the vastness that is small room acoustics to step out on the ice and trust it.

Get your mind thinking about Rooms, Shapes Design and Isolation.

Next you want to know a simple concept that few ever acquire. Acoustical construction is acoustical construction and acoustical treatments are acoustical treatments. They are not the same thing. One deals with mostly building materials and the structure or rooms, electrical installation, heat and air conditioning, carpentry and all things building and constructing an acoustical environment that pleases the listener when sound fills the air.

Tuning the room suggests that the room is capable of handling the sound inside and outside of it to a satisfactory level. That is no small feat. Acoustics is math based Physics so get used to it.

Controlling Sound and Sound Insulation in Your Home

The other, acoustic treatments, deals with specific materials that, put together properly, absorb sound that has become a nuisance. It can also be fabricated in such a way as too scatter the sound in all directions so as to achieve a pleasing fuller sound coming from your space. Sometimes you just want to reflect a sound back and keep it alive because it is nice to hear this particular sound gliding on the rays and beams that noise has generated in the sound field that the human ear hears. And always with small rooms, bass or low frequency piles up faster than credit card debt in Vegas!

OH, ya gotta know about Speakers Monitors and Electrical Grounding

In a sense, they are both the same in some respects. In either the building and construction phase OR
the interior acoustical treatment phase you are attempting to control vibration and air but you do it in different ways. The construction phase is heavy concrete slabs and heavy wood framed structures.

Smallroom Acoustics Where Do I Begin
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